Dream Team

Unity, it turns out, is only a half hour from Wilmot, so how could I resist?

I know all the reasons why BHO should not choose HRC. None of them seemed very cogent to me this afternoon. Her campaign has made her the iconic figure she was not before the primaries. She connects. ("Bush and McCain are two sides of the same coin, and it doesn't add up to a lot of change.") The debate with the Republican Veep will also be consequential.

In fact, HRC has developed so much as a national figure in recent months, it will be hard for BHO to explain why not choosing her is not an act of pettiness or wimpiness or something bad. Hard, not impossible.

Anyway, it was hard to tell what he is really thinking, though from where I was standing, Reagan gave Gorbachev a warmer hug.

BY THE WAY, where I was standing is itself a story. While my daughter Tamar (the newly-minted art historian) and I were waiting outside the compound, in a long, patient line, a young woman from the campaign came up, out of the blue, and offered us (really, offered Tamar) a red wrist-band, which authorized us to jump the line and sit behind the candidates. We were, that is, invited to be in the world-historical photo-op. She didn't say why she chose Tamar. I wonder.