Not So Fast

It's Purim in Jerusalem today, the day after Purim in the rest of the country, which means that Tel-Aviv 20-somethings with a car have a very long party. But this is also the day after Purim in the rest of the world, which means that emails sent to me on Purim in America, even after I go to bed in Jerusalem, get to me the next morning on Purim. Kapish? Anyway, I wake up on Purim to find my friend Rick Hertzberg has forwarded an email to me from the National Jewish Democratic Council, sent out on Purim, announcing Rush Limbaugh's conversion to Judaism. "It has just been reported," the NJDC email states, "that Rush Limbaugh wants to become a Member of the Tribe."

This reminds me of the time Katz tried to get Orenstein into the Suffering Pines Country Club. Katz goes to the acceptance committee and launches in:

"Let me tell you about Orenstein: A, he's adorable; B, he's brilliant; C, he's charming ....

(Apologies to Philip Roth, who tells this better than anyone.)