Mailbag: Geneva Lives!

I just got this note from my friends at the Geneva Initiative, which in view of the current situation makes better reading than ever. The initiative remains a strong rebuke to those who argue that there is no partner for peace on the Palestinian side. And if an international peace plan ever does take shape, it won't look very different from this.  

In viewing your posts, we noticed that you link to a number of relevant blogs and websites. We were hoping you might consider linking to the Geneva Initiative website, which contains a wealth of resources on the peace process and a detailed blueprint for an Israeli-Palestinian final status agreement. There you will find the latest polling data, Annexes to the Geneva Accord outlining solutions to final status issues, and an archive of relevant news and opinion. We believe readers of your blog would be interested in the resources we have to offer, and it would be our pleasure to make the connection. We also run a Hebrew language blog, which might interest you, as well as a Facebook page.