Update on Dalal's Case

From Gershom Gorenberg:

I want to thank everyone who has lent a hand to Dalal Rusrus and her family by writing to Israeli military officials to ask about her parents’ permits to bring her to Alyn Hospital in Jerusalem. The usual unnamed sources are taken aback by the interest in the case, which is very good. Today Dalal’s mother Sunya was given a one-day permit to bring her to the hospital day for an initial treatment, in preparation for a two- week hospital stay due to begin next Sunday. Later today, the family received word that Sunya will get a permit to come to Jerusalem for two weeks to be with Dalal.

This is an important step forward. However, Sunya cannot bring the couple’s infant with her to the hospital. To avoid unnecessary hardship to the family, it is essential for Dalal’s father to get a permit to come to Jerusalem. He still has not received a positive answer on that request.

May I add a note of my own? The response by readers of this blog has been overwhelming. I am very grateful, though I cannot thank all of you individually. Now, let us keep up the pressure to allow Dalal's father to accompany her to the hospital.