J Street: The Documentary, Update 1

It's been a week since I turned to you to contribute.  As of this moment, the film project has raised  $15,744 from 145 different donors, which isn't bad. Thanks so much to all who've pitched in. Still, this is well under 50% of the goal and under 10% of people who subscribe to or regularly check out this blog. We are running out of time.

Please, if you have not yet contributed--even as little as $25--do so now. Ben Avishai and Ken Winikur, the film's producers, get nothing--zip, nada--of Kickstarter pledges if they don't raise the full $35,000 they need to prepare a cut for television. (This is not like a public radio appeal, where stations keep what they can get and make do. The genius, and challenge, of Kickstarter is that contributors are charged nothing if the project they give to is not fully funded.)

So, again, take a moment to watch the trailer and give what you can. The whole process takes perhaps 5 minutes.  You don't have to be a supporter of J Street to give; just someone who wants to see the debate in the American Jewish community, and about American Middle East foreign policy, elevated by a broadcast film of this kind.  

Here is the link.  We urgently need your help.