Saturday, June 28, 2014

Slipping The Terror Trap

On Thursday, Israeli secret-service officials finally released the names of the Hamas militants from Hebron, Marwan Qawasmeh and Amar Abu Aisha, whom they’ve alleged are responsible for kidnapping three hitchhiking yeshiva students—Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaar, and Eyal Yifrah—on the night of June 12th. Their belief in Hamas’s involvement seems to have been reached by process of elimination—Qawasmeh and Aisha have gone missing—but, in a way, the Netanyahu government needn’t bother producing evidence that is more conclusive. Hamas’s leaders would be incompetent if they rejected responsibility, so well have events since the kidnapping played into their hands. (As if on cue, Hamas’s chief, Khaled Meshal, told Al Jazeera that he cannot confirm or deny the organization’s involvement, but, he added, “I congratulate the abductors, because our prisoners must be freed from the prisons of the occupation.”)

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Potter said...

The peace process has always been hostage to extremists. In fact it's predictable by now that this kind of event is likely to set a match. Abbas as you describe is the more genuine peacemaker. Netanyahu is certainly not. He was ready for this kidnapping ( or something). In fact some have supposed, probably absurdly, that this kidnapping was perpetrated by israeli's themselves, so fanatic some are.

The feeling I have, overwhelming, is that the Netanyahu government with the support of the people look upon this conflict as though it were a modern day cancer, one that is manageable, can be contained. The feeling I have is that this is the condition that Israeli's feel they have to live with- the status quo... and periodically, yes, doses of chemo and radiation are necessary to "mow the grass" to use another metaphor.

To talk of what needs to be done to save the two state solution is getting to be more and more fantastic- imaginary. It looks bad not only for Israel but for the whole Middle East. This of course gives the Israeli turtle ( another metaphor) more reason to stick it's head into it's shell- unless provoked ( via Golan, Lebanon or Jordan).( Then where will the US be in this confusing mess?)

Peace, the two state solution, between the Palestinians and Israeli's seem to have been much more easy at one point, looking back. Not so given the political situation.