Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Watching Gaza

We may think we have been here before, but we haven’t. The images of escalation are the same: exhaust tracing through Israeli skies; Gazans frantically picking through rubble; Israelis glued to their televisions, reduced to observers of spectacle, some poised to run for shelter but most affecting readiness, protected by rocket science and probability, fascinated by the deadpan proficiency of military officials whose mission may confuse them but to whom they suppose they owe their lives.

And the circular ultimatums are the same, as are the grim tallies that supposedly establish advantage: we stop bombing if you stop launching, we stop launching if you stop laying siege, we stop the siege if you give up your missiles, we can’t give them up as long as you occupy us and have the means to bomb us. As in 2008, the I.D.F. is prepared for a ground invasion. About fifteen hundred Hamas targets have been hit by Israel, more than five hundred largely homemade Qassam missiles have been launched by Hamas, and more than two hundred and twenty Palestinians have been killed. Just since yesterday morning, more than a hundred rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel, the vast majority intercepted by the country’s Iron Dome defense system. One Israeli man was killed at the border. The fresher grievances turn the older ones vague: three hitchhiking Israeli teens were kidnapped, two protesting Palestinian youths were shot dead two weeks before, there was a revenge murder by a rogue group of Israeli fanatics—you can unspool this vendetta back to the Balfour Declaration, in 1917.

Yesterday morning promised a break in the cycle, but this, too, seemed merely familiar. At Secretary of State John Kerry’s urging, the Israeli government announced that it had accepted Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s terms for a ceasefire, which looked a great deal like the terms offered by President Mohamed Morsi in 2012, which the Israeli government accepted at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s urging. Both sides, according to the latest Egyptian terms, would stop their attacks; indirect talks, to be held in Cairo, would take up opening Gaza crossings to Egypt, though the agenda for such talks is vague; and Hamas would restrain underground groups like Islamic Jihad. Again, Hamas would seem to have achieved nothing for the Palestinian lives lost, which is why it rejected the deal and why Israeli planes resumed bombing.

Familiar, finally, is the posturing and the doublespeak, Hamas’s Big Lie countered by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s half-truths. A senior Hamas official told Haaretz, “When Israel started operating against our people, some decided it was time to act and show that we are one people and one nation that must defend our people in the West Bank.” As if Hamas defends its people by provoking luridly photogenic attacks on Gazans; as if launching Iranian-made missiles, acquired through its Sinai tunnels, does not appear to justify the Israeli siege that Hamas says it is trying to break; as if Hamas has not consolidated an occupation regime of its own, plunging Gaza into a parochial horror in which almost ninety per cent of adults live in poverty.

“The difference between us is simple,” Netanyahu says. “We develop defensive systems against missiles in order to protect our civilians, and they use their civilians to protect their missiles.” That’s a good line, and even a true one. But it’s also true that the Israeli government knew the kidnapped teens were almost certainly dead when, in an alleged desperate effort to save them, it began a crackdown that resulted in hundreds of Hamas supporters being thrown in prison. More plausibly, it took this opportunity to crush Hamas as a political force. Netanyahu and Israeli military tacticians openly consider all homes of known Hamas officials or fighters to be part of Hamas “infrastructure.” Bombing these homes every few years—“mowing the lawn,” as one commander put it before earlier Gaza operations—demonstrates that Israel will not shrink from inflicting hundreds of random civilian casualties, through which it hopes to discredit Hamas. If you don’t think this is a war crime, talk to your Palestinian friends.

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Potter said...

Good article. This is painful to watch, the Tyler Hicks photo on the front page of the NYTimes this morning affected not only me. But I notice that the reporting has been very even and I don't think Israel is easily the victim any longer. Mark Regev on CNN kept talking, got all his points in, But I don't know if the American public is such an easy sell what with the reports, videos and photos of the destruction.

Israel wants quiet. It seems little else, quit content to keep mowing the lawn.

Anonymous said...

You say " Netanyahu and Israeli military tacticians openly consider all homes of known Hamas officials or fighters to be part of Hamas “infrastructure.” Bombing these homes every few years—“mowing the lawn,” as one commander put it before earlier Gaza operations—demonstrates that Israel will not shrink from inflicting hundreds of random civilian casualties, through which it hopes to discredit Hamas. If you don’t think this is a war crime, talk to your Palestinian friends."
Only Jewish traitors speak this way. Go back where you came from.

Y. Ben-David said...

Regarding Dr Avishai's learned pronouncements over the years....the best way to express it is to paraphrase Churchill.....'never has one man been so wrong so often about so many things.' All of Dr Avishai's predictions and analyses have been completely off the mark for decades now.
My favorite is the one where he said that 'the secular entrepeneurial elite among the Palestininas will push aside the armed militias'. Why? Because everyone in the world thinks like Dr Avishai that the goal of life is to make as much money as possible and to strive for the maximum leisure time and entertainment? Go tell this to the Islamic State/Caliphate people who now control large parts of Iraq and Syria. Tell that to the militia men there, that they had better clear out in favor of the local secular entrepeneurial elites. Same in Gaza. Still waiting for the HAMAS to be 'pushed aside' by the money people.....wait...the HAMAS people are raking in the money for themselves! The Islamics in Iraq are now selling oil. So the money people and the armed militias can be the SAME! How do you explain that, Dr Avishai?

Dan Livni said...

Bernard has become so radical he's an apologist for Hamas Islamo Fascists.
Bernard expects Israel should do nothing and just let Hamas terrorize them.
Are you saying Israel should just tolerate hundred of missiles being fired at them.
Do you realize how insane you sound?

Hamas has rejected 2 ceasefires in the last 2 days, while they continue to fire hundreds of missiles at Israel.

Ask the families of the 298 people killed on the Malaysian plane destroyed by a missile in Ukraine.

Do you expect Israel to wait till a Hamas missile hits a Nuclear power plant in Israel or a school.

4th, Hamas is firing these missiles behind Gazan civilians at Israel.
Why don't you condemn this?
Because Bernard is a radical appeaser of Islamo Fascists.

Go on Youtube and search for this.
Sami Abu Zuhri: Hamas Spokesperson Encourages Use of Human Shield
Hamas MP Fathi Hammad: We Used Women and Children as Human Shields.

Dan Livni said...

Great article describing the Hamas sickos Bernard supports.
Baby Killers of Hamas
by Daniel Greenfield
July 17, 2014

Dan Livni said...
Mahmoud Al Zahar reveals Hamas' genocidal agenda - shocking!
Hamas TV Song in Hebrew: Annihilate all the Zionists, Exterminate the Coackroaches' Nest

Dan Livni said...

Hamas to me is no different then Jim Jones and what he did in Guyana. Hamas wants to sacrifice every Gazan as a human shield

Dan Livni said...

How the Palestinians love their children. Golda Meir talked about this child abuse 45 years ago in that famous quote.
UNRWA finds 20 rockets Hamas put in Gaza School.

Dan Livni said...

A must read article on what Israel is dealing with.,7340,L-4537609,00.html
The Palestinian war on children
Op-ed: Depraved exploitation and abuse of children as targets and weapons will not end so long as UN, members of international community and NGOs continue to enable these atrocities.
Anne Herzberg

Dan Livni said...

Great article on the Munich massacre financier Abbas and his racist policies supporting Palestinian mass murderers of Israeli civilians.
PA Funding of Terrorists – This is How it’s Done
“Did you murder Jews? Have you abducted children? Get up to 12,000 shekels a month from Abu Mazen!” - the salaries paid out to Palestinian terrorists are actually enshrined in PA law.
By Aryeh Savir
June 26th, 2014

Dan Livni said...

Why is Bernard to ignorant to see Abbas the Rejectionist.
Even the left see this.
Read these 2 articles.
Waiting for the Palestinian Godot
Why are we repeatedly surprised every time Mahmoud Abbas fails to sign a peace agreement with Israel?
By Ari Shavit
Apr. 24, 2014
Don’t expect Abbas to sign anything
So far, the Palestinian negotiating tactic has been to get concessions, then cut off talks and 'start where we left off.'
By Shlomo Avineri
Feb. 18, 2014

Dan Livni said...

An article right on the money.
Palestinian Arabs – The People Who Always Refuse a State
Lee S. Bender and Jerome R. Verlin
FEBRUARY 18, 2014

Dan Livni said...

One of the best article's i'v read dealing with how Hamas uses Gazans as human fodder.
Dealing with Hamas’s human shield tactics
Pilots often ordered to call off air strikes at last moment.

Dan Livni said...

To understand the Death cult Hamas is, please read this article.
Who Is Killing Palestinian Children?
by Anna Geifman 8
July 18, 2014

Dan Livni said...

Hamas Leaders Worth Millions Of Dollars From Allegedly Skimming Donations And Extortion: Is Anyone Surprised?
July 18, 2014

Dan Livni said...

― Golda Meir
“We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.”

Dan Livni said...

If the Arabs were there first, why is the Dome of the Rock built on top of the Temple Mount instead of the other way around?
“You got some explaining to do Bernard!

Dan Livni said...

Give me a break Bernard! if Hamas could, they would kill EVERY Israeli. It says so in their Charter! If Israel wanted to, they could carpet bomb Gaza. Yet, they try their hardest to avoid killing innocents in Gaza even when Hamas is using civilians as human shields. When a hospital or a school is attacked, they investigate it. If Hamas actually successfully attacked a school, God forbid, they'd celebrate. You have to be blind not to see the difference between the two sides here.

Dan Livni said...

Great article.
A Tale of Two Gazas
July 21, 2014 by Joseph Klein

This perfectly describes Hamas leaders.

As Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor described Hamas’s exploitation of civilians to the Security Council: “From the safety of their luxury hotels in Qatar, Hamas leaders like Khaled Mashaal order room service with one hand and order Hamas to use Palestinians as human shields with the other.”

Dan Livni said...

Remember that Golda Meir quote 45 years ago. Does Bernard still she was wrong?
IDF Publishes Video of Hamas Shooting from within Homes [VIDEO]

Dan Livni said...

For second time, rockets found at UN school in Gaza
How many more schools will have to be abused by Hamas missile squads before the international community will intervene?’ Foreign Ministry fumes
July 22, 2014,

Dan Livni said...
Reporters threatened on Twitter for reporting on Hamas rocket fire from civilian areas.
July 24, 2014

Dan Livni said...

If you are defending Hamas, an organization that uses kids as human shields, you're either repulsive or just hate Jews.

Dan Livni said...
Reporters Threatened for Revealing Hamas Rocket Fire Near Hospital
by Daniel Greenfield
July 24, 2014

Dan Livni said...
Hamas has turned Wafa Hospital into a command center and a rocket-launching site.

Dan Livni said...

Amazing article by Kay Wilson why Israel is the victim and Palestinians the aggressors.
Kay Wilson
January 24, 2014

Dan Livni said...

Critical of Israel? Then YOU do better at getting rid of Hamas without harming any Palestinians
Michelle Moshelian
JULY 24, 2014

Dan Livni said...

Great article how UNRWA lies for Hamas.
Israel Calls Out UNRWA for Claiming IDF Shelled School

UNRWA's claims that an evacuation of a Gaza school was prevented are untrue, says the IDF.
Elad Benari

Dan Livni said...

UNWRA is a terrorist organization. UNHCR actually helps people. UNWRA creates refugees to raise funds, and indoctrinate children to become terrorists.

The education these children get at these UNWRA schools is that Jerusalem and all of Israel belongs to the Arabs and not the Jews and violence is the answer. They are taught to become martyrs and they will be rewarded by Allah and victory will be theirs. Rocket have been found at UNWRA schools and there is video of a mortar being fired from one of these schools.

Dan Livni said...

What a piece of biased trash, attempting to pass as journalism. It is Hamas that is using children as shields.

It is Hamas that is preventing them from leaving. It is Hamas that is using schools as launching pads for missiles.

It is Hamas that terrorizing Israelis as well as Palestinians. This leftist garbage propaganda is nothing more than half-truths, lies and baseless accusations.

Dan Livni said...

Left wing Ari Shavit. Israel is right. Hamas are Palestinian neo-Nazis.
In this sad war story, Israel is in the right
Those who are even slightly forgiving of Hamas are cooperating with a fanatically religious tyrannical dictator. Hamas are Palestinian neo-Nazis.
By Ari Shavit
July 24, 2014

Dan Livni said...
This war may have prevented a huge planned terror attack
July 25, 2014

Dan Livni said...

Thank Goodness Bernard was not PM of Israel.
This would have happened if Israel didn't go into Gaza and stop the terror tunnels.

Dan Livni said...

Look at these Hamas child abusers that Bernard supports.
Hamas Terrorists Fire Rockets from a Gazan School
Hamas Uses UNRWA School To Fire Rockets At Southern Israel

Dan Livni said...
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Dan Livni said...

Islamic Jihad missile misfires and kills Palestinians at Gaza’s Shati camp Monday. Hamas to divert attention starts firing missiles at Israel trying to blame Israel, when it was Islamic Jihad responsible.
This is a must read article on how the Palestinians lie.

Dan Livni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dan Livni said...
Hamas executed 20 Palestinian anti-war protesters in Gaza.

Dan Livni said...
July 29, 2014

Dan Livni said...

Look at this video in Gaza how a home is rigged with bombs to explode next to a U.N School.

michael jordan said...

Things are not going fine for Gaza, because over 360 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel over the past three days,again the attacks are going in Gaza.This time total 61 killed and 450 members wounded.We don't know why the top countries like U.S.A supporting this kind of attacks.Many people are dying in this attacks.Recent attack which killed small children they slept next to their parents.Pray that these attacks going to stop and people get relief.

hewhotypes said...

1. Using JJ Goldberg as a reference is deeply irresponsible. Israel had no choice but to assume that one or more of the boys were alive unless and until the bodies were found. Bullets and blood in a burned out car are not evidence that all three were dead. You can't just abandon the boys to the tender mercies of a Hamas affiliated gang.

Goldberg is a provocateur and not a journalist. You and I know that but most who read the New Yorker don't, and you abused their naivete. Shame on you.

2. Hamas organized a campaign of kidnapping and distributed printed instructions on kidnapping Israelis. The semi-independent members of Hamas from Hebron were acting as Hamas.

Just as the US was responsible for Abu Ghraib and for Mai Lai even though the crimes were in violation of the rules, Hamas is responsible for the crimes of its parts.

3. Hamas has to be destroyed anyway, and now is a pretty good time to do it. There is no way Israel can continue with Hamas next door. The various governments for some reason believe that a 2-state plan will bring peace.

But it is certain the main threat to peace in a New Palestine is takeover by Hamas or Hezbollah or ISIS et cetera. Israel cannot sign a 2-state deal until Hamas is destroyed, so they have to be eliminated. War is not pretty, but there is a logic to it.

Dan Livni said...
UN Official admits Hamas firing rockets “from the vicinity of UN facilities”
Posted by William Jacobson
July 30, 2014

Dan Livni said...

Finnish Reporter Says Hamas Firing Rockets From Shifa Hospital (VIDEO)
August 1, 2014

Dan Livni said...
Hamas terrorists hangs and positions kids on a fence in front of a house to insure that the IDF will not strike the building.

This is what evil looks like: One picture going viral that depicts the level of barbarism…
Joshua Riddle on August 1, 2014

Israeli-American community activist Adam Milstein tweeted this image and, while it’s not clear that the image actually depicts Hamas in Gaza, it’s certainly true that Hamas has embraced the abominable tactic of using children as shields against Israeli Defense Forces. It’s vitally important that people understand just how evil Hamas is and what Israel is up against. It’s hard and heartbreaking to look at, but it cannot be ignored.

Dan Livni said...

Charles Krauthammer and Daniel Pipes said it best. The world is against Israel to please the Muslims.

Dan Livni said...

Here is a Amos Oz a well known peacenik like Bernard who said this 2 days ago to an interviewer in Israel.
August 1, 2014

The most interesting article I've read in the past 24 hours is an interview with the Israeli novelist Amos Oz, the father of his country's peace-and-compromise movement, who opened the interview with Deutsche Welle in this manner:

Amoz Oz: I would like to begin the interview in a very unusual way: by presenting one or two questions to your readers and listeners. May I do that?

Deutsche Welle: Go ahead!

Question 1: What would you do if your neighbor across the street sits down on the balcony, puts his little boy on his lap and starts shooting machine gun fire into your nursery?

Question 2: What would you do if your neighbor across the street digs a tunnel from his nursery to your nursery in order to blow up your home or in order to kidnap your family?

With these two questions I pass the interview to you.

Dan Livni said...

Hamas body armor pic.
How the Palestinians love their children.

Dan Livni said...

Hamas Intimidates Press in Gaza Strip
July 29, 2014

Dan Livni said...

How Hamas loves Palestinian children as Golda talked about.
Another UNRWA Gaza School Fake-Out, Brought to You By Hamas

Dan Livni said...

IDF Soldiers Find Mosque with Weapons and Tunnel Openings
July 31, 2014

Dan Livni said...
Israeli Soldier Helps Mentally Ill Palestinian Man Chained To Building By Hamas…
Is Hamas still claiming they don’t use civilian as human shields?
August 1, 2014

Dan Livni said...
Journalists Threatened, Given Talking Points About How To Talk About Hamas, Gaza
August 1, 2014

Dan Livni said...

An IDF soldier as he discovers another Hamas terror tunnel leading into the dining room of a Kibbutz.

Dan Livni said...
Pallywood in action: How Hamas set up the attack inside the Rafah UNRWA schoolyard UPDATED
August 4, 2014

Lenny Ben David puts together a series of five tweets of pictures from Sunday's 'attack' on an UNRWA school in Rafah that shows how in a touch of Pallywood, Hamas set the whole thing up. The victims were all dragged into the schoolyard so that it would look like Israel had attacked an UNRWA school that was sheltering civilians.

Here are the five tweets:

Dan Livni said...

Hows the Arabs manipulate the media against Israel.

Dan Livni said...
Captured Hamas Combat Manual Explains Benefits of Human Shields
August 4, 2014

Dan Livni said...
Indian TV documents how Hamas fires rockets from civilian area's in Gaza at Israel.

Dan Livni said...

This is a must read article on how Hamas manipulates the media.
The Media’s Role in Hamas’ War Strategy
Hamas’ PR strategy can only work if international news media follows the script, whether willingly or under coercion.
August 5, 2014

Dan Livni said...
French TV Shows More Evidence of Hamas Hiding Behind Civilians

After Indian TV crew films Hamas rockets from their hotel room, France 24 shows how terrorists fired from in front of UN building.
By Ari Soffer

Dan Livni said...

French TV shows video how Hamas fires missiles among civilians and fires missiles infront of U.N building in Gaza.
How does Bernard support these Hamas child abusers?

Dan Livni said...
Gaza archbishop says rockets were fired from church
Clergyman admits Greek Orthodox compound, which sheltered hundreds of Palestinians during shelling, used by Hamas as launching site
August 7, 2014

Dan Livni said...

Another great article how Hamas Intimidation Has Cowed Foreign Media in Gaza.
Media Comment: No war reporting in Gaza

Dan Livni said...
Commander: Aborted Airstrikes 'Sabotage' IDF Operation

Commander of IAF's real-time intel gathering squadron reveals how Hamas embedding among civilians endangers IDF.
By Ari Yashar
First Publish: 8/22/2014

Dan Livni said...

If you notice, Al Jazeera only broadcasts dead and dying Palestinians to gladly stay within the guidelines set up by Hamas to never show militants firing rockets from civilian areas.
Al Jazeera will never tell you its Hamas who promotes and glorifies death for Gazans, while using all of Gaza as a human shield

Dan Livni said...

The majority of people killed were Haman men of fighting age.
The rest killed were human shields used by Hamas.

The New York Times on August 6 delved into the discussion about Gaza casualties. The newspaper points out that young males, those in the age range of those most likely to be fighters, are disproportionately represented among Palestinian fatalities:

The Times analysis, looking at 1,431 names, shows that the population most likely to be militants, men ages 20 to 29, is also the most overrepresented in the death toll:

Dan Livni said...

New IDF Report Details Hamas Use of Civilians
See recently declassified report, which through intel maps, photo and video evidence proves Hamas’s illegal warfare once and for all.
By Ari Yashar
First Publish: 8/22/2014

Dan Livni said...
Twelve Examples of Hamas Firing Rockets from Civilian Areas

Dan Livni said...
Terrorists shoot from Wafa Hospital in Gaza, IDF makes sure no civilians are inside before bombing

Dan Livni said...
Hamas Terrorists Fire Rockets from a Gazan School Use Children as Human Shields

Dan Livni said...
Hamas Sinks to Child Sacrifice in Thirst for Jewish Blood
Hamas terrorists are so callous that their thirst for blood means more than the lives of their own children.
By: Rachel Levy

Dan Livni said...

Israel needs to dedicate a day to get civilians who want to leave Gaza out of the war zone.
Hamas will collapse without their human shields.

Dan Livni said...

Hamas fires Rocket from a Gaza Medical Facility at Israel.

Dan Livni said...

Potter, If you’re willing to have a gang of lunatics with bad aim shoot rockets at your home and your children and then invite them in for some kahwa before they slit your throat, that’s fine. Don’t tell Israel how to defend themselves.

If you care about Palestinian children, get yourself over to Gaza and tell Hamas to stop firing rockets at Israeli children. I’m sure someone will cut you down after they hang you.

Dan Livni said...

Hamas killing Arabs with no trial doesn’t even seem to bother Haaretz

Hamas Executes 21 Arabs in Gaza
By: Shalom Bear
Published: August 22nd, 2014

Dan Livni said...
Gaza Rocket Launchers Embedded near Gaza Medical Centers

Dan Livni said...
IDF Reveals the Gaza That the UN is Hiding
By Ari Yashar

UN maps show damaged buildings in Gaza - but that's only half the picture, as IDF exposes in an informative new video.

An informative new video posted to YouTube on Monday by the IDF shows how the damage in Gaza reported by the UN is only giving half of the picture, and skewing the facts on the ground.

In the video maps published by the UN showing Gaza buildings damaged in Operation Protective Edge are represented by red dots. However, the video goes on to clarify how these buildings - which include private homes, hospitals and schools - are being used to launch rockets and attacks from terror tunnels.

The video corroborates an IDF report which was declassified last Tuesday, and which details how Hamas embeds itself in the civilian infrastructure of Gaza to launch terror attacks on Israel.

According to the report, during the course of its recent terror war on Israel, Hamas has fired over 1,600 rockets from civilian sites, cynically using UN facilities, schools, graveyards, mosques and power plants, among others.

Numerous IDF soldiers have reported on the rampant use of human shields and its damaging effect on the army's operational ability. The commander of the IAF special reconnaissance Flying Camel Squadron likewise said recently that aborting airstrikes due to Hamas's tactics of embedding among civilians "sabotages" the operation.

In context of the difficulties posed by Hamas's warfare, Barak Seener, an Associate fellow at Britain's Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies, told Arutz Sheva on Monday that Israel is "choosing not to win" in Gaza.

According to the British expert, Israel should have gone in harder and quicker, should reclassify human shields as enemy combatants and stop aborting airstrikes, noting Israel "should not subject itself to norms and procedures that no military of any western liberal democracy would ever consider."

Dan Livni said...

Brave Hamas leaders hiding in hospitals and using Gazan's as human shields.
'Hamas leaders hiding in bunkers under Gaza's Shifa Hospital'
August 26, 2014

Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades operative arrested during Gaza campaign tells Shin Bet hiding place of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, other top officials, is "common knowledge" in the Strip • Other operatives say Hamas routinely uses mosques for cover.

Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip Ismail Haniyeh and other top Hamas leaders are hiding in bunkers located under the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, a Hamas operative has reportedly revealed during his interrogation by the Shin Bet security agency.

The information was provided by Mohammed Kadra, 28, from Khan Younis, an Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades operative arrested during Operation Protective Edge. Kadra further claimed that the location of Hamas leadership's hideout was "common knowledge" among Gazans, but that the public was barred from the area.

The information was included in a Shin Bet report titled "Hamas' use of public buildings as military bases."

"During interrogations of Hamas operatives arrested during the Gaza operation, it has become disconcertingly clear that Hamas is using public buildings as bases of operations and that it is using civilians for cover, as it assumes Israel would refrain from targeting such places," the report said.

In an unusual move, the report identified in full some of the prisoners whose testimonies were included in the analysis.

A Hamas operative identified as Abd el-Rahman Baalusha, from Khan Younis, revealed that the Gaza City mosques of Al-Safa and Al-Abra were routinely used as gathering points for Hamas operatives.

Two other prisoners, identified as Afif Jarah and Amad Jarah, from the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahia, revealed the location of a terror tunnel dug under the Israel-Gaza Strip border, which they claimed led directly to a kindergarten in one of the communities adjacent to the border fence.

The two said that operatives were told that in the event that they were able to abduct an Israeli soldier, they were to bring him to the kindergarten and smuggle him into the Strip using the tunnel.

Dan Livni said...
Writers Opposing Hamas: Targets of Death
Magdi Khalil
September 3, 2014

Dan Livni said...

I just read this great article about the British media lies about Israel.
Israel and a Tale of Two British Exports
September 3, 2014 by Kenneth Levin

Dan Livni said...,7340,L-4565828,00.html
Holocaust deniers in B'Tselem

Op-ed: The organization is not dealing with human rights, but encourages anti-Semitism; it's not about criticizing Israel's actions or about healing the world, it's about Jewish support of fabricated blood libels meant to assist Hamas.