The Book About THE BOOK

It has been five years since I published Promiscuous, my labor-of-love about Portnoy's Complaint.  Books about books are normally about as compelling as your cousin's snapshots of Prague. I tried to make this book seriously fun, while answering a deceptively simply question:

Who is really the object of the satire?

Parents? Adolescent sexual cravings? Jews? Bourgeois self-possession? Psychoanalysis? Orthodoxy-in-general? The reader?

My thanks to the "Tel Aviv Review" podcast for giving me the chance to revisit all of these questions, and especially to Dahlia and Gilad for raising good ones of their own.

The publisher's page, is full of information, reviews and blurbs. The most interesting reviews are from Tablet, The Forward, and the Times Literary Supplement.

Oh, and you can order Promiscuous here.