Silwan: The Blasting Cap

Last June, I wrote about Silwan, where the Jewish settler group Elad--with the cooperation of the Jerusalem municipality--has been planting a vanguard of extremist families. In the foreground, the desire to expand an archaeological dig, the so-called City of David, and Jewish tourist "gardens." In the background, the desire to expand the Israeli footprint in East Jerusalem--in of all places, this most densely populated and volatile neighborhood, which enjoys virtually no municipal services.

Now swallow hard and look at this video from last Friday. The driver of the car is the head of Elad, David Be'eri, who claimed "his life was in danger." Presumably, an "existential threat," which required the reassertion of "deterrence."

The kids were probably the same kids who had joined our peaceful demonstration last June; but the neighborhood was recently inflamed by the shooting death by an Elad security guard of Samir Sirhan, a 32-year old father of five. When the city descends into Bosnia-style civil violence, this is how it will start.